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Metalworks and Construction

Specialized in the construction of metal structures and roofing, industrial buildings, as well as door and window frames, Fertaper remains, to this day, the national benchmark company in this business area, having been a pioneer in Portugal in metal

Zona Industrial de Oliveira do Hospital
3400-060 Oliveira do Hospital


Precision zinc plating for automotive parts and metal lacquering

Alferal, whose industrial unit is located in Gouveia, is a company that develops its activity in the iron and aluminum zinc plating and lacquering industry.

With a vast knowledge and experience in the treatment and coating of metallic surfaces (iron and aluminum), it has Zinc Plating Facilities, consisting of an automatic and manual zinc plating line, which guarantee excellent homogenous finishes, and Lacquering Facilities, with electrostatic powder coating (lacquering) equipment for metallic materials.

Focused on the surface treatment of metallic parts, it provides services for very demanding sectors, such as the automotive sector, and is capable of treating both very small (drum) and larger (suspension) parts.

Alferal received the ‘prestige’ award for excellence in services.

Zona Industrial de Gouveia
6290-210 Nespereira – Gouveia
Tel. 238 494 022
Fax. 238 491 774


Renewable Energies

Ecotator operates in the Renewable Energy industry, producing electricity from a renewable source, forest biomass. Its thermoelectric power plant, located in Belmonte, has an installed capacity of 2 MW.

The use of forest and agricultural biomass for energy production, besides reducing the risks of fire, allows monetizing forests and agricultural production, contributing to reduce CO2 emissions.

It is with this concern that Ecotator carries out its daily activities, and it was based on quality and innovation that it achieved its national and international position.

Quinta Olival Grande, Bairro do Olival Grande
6250-043 Belmonte
Tel. 275 913 100


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Estrada Nacional 17, n.18
Chamusca da Beira
3405-251 Lagos da Beira (Oliveira do Hospital)