João Matias among the best in the opening Prologue of the Tour

Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados Continental UCI Team completed today its participation in the Prologue of the Tour of Portugal, a short 5.4 kilometer link starting and finishing in Lisbon.

Our runners participated as expected, and João Matias, due to his track cycling experience, was the runner most suited for this day. He ended up making a very good showing and recorded a final time of 6’33”, 22 seconds behind the day’s winner Rafael Reis (Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor).

All the other runners made it through this first day without mishaps, thus keeping all their aspirations in terms of the general classification intact.

The first online stage, to be run this Friday, is the longest of the entire race. The start will be given at 12:25 pm, in Vila Franca de Xira, and the arrival in Elvas is scheduled for 5:30 pm, after covering 193.5 kilometers. There will be a first pass over the finish line, 10.1 kilometers from the end. The track, in the middle of the Alentejo, is essentially flat, although it incorporates two fourth-rate mountains.

Stage Classification

Lisbon – Lisbon: 5.4 Kms

1st Rafael Reis (Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor), 6m11s

24th João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 22s

56th António Barbio (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 32s

61st Gonçalo Amado (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 34s

62nd Gonçalo Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 35s

76th Rui Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 42s

92nd Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 43s


Team Classification

1st Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor, 18m59s

11th Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados, at 1m02