João Matias sprints to 4th place in Elvas after excellent collective work

Friday, August 5, 2022

The Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados Continental UCI Team completed today its participation in the 1st Stage of the Tour of Portugal, a 193.5 kilometer link that started in Vila Franca de Xira and ended in Elvas. A scorching heat awaited the racers at the finish line, where António Barbio launched João Matias to 4th place in the stage after a great collective work.

The long trip didn’t intimidate the peloton, which immediately saw the departure of four runners who would form the breakaway of the day. Our team stayed in the big group, storing up energy and playing all their cards in the final kilometers.

On the first pass over the finish line, there was still a runner slightly ahead of the peloton, and after a big drop in the peloton, the team was in an excellent position to face the last two kilometers. António Barbio was the last man who left João Matias about 150 meters from the end, and already in the last corner a touch between runners caused João Matias to lose momentum and had to make a new start. This situation was costly, and João Matias would end up in 4th place, still a very good result.

A great job by the team during the entire journey, saw João Matias close with a top-5 finish, a record of quality and synonymous with good physical condition. As for the General Classification, everything remained unchanged and João Matias continues to be our best positioned member at the gates of the Top-20.

Stage Classification

Vila Franca de Xira – Elvas: 193,5 Kms

1st Scott Mcgill (Wildlife GenerationPro Cycling), 4:30:28

4th João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

10th António Barbio (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

37 Gonçalo Amado (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

43rd Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

84 Gonçalo Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

85th Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

89th Rui Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

General Classification

1st Rafael Reis (Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor), 4h36m39s

22nd João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 22s

49th António Barbio (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 32s

53rd Gonçalo Amado (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 34s

54 Gonçalo Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 35s

67th Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 38s

78th Rui Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 42s

Team Classification

1st Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor, 13h50m23s

11th Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados, at 1m02