TAVFER-Measindot-Mortágua: Iuri Leitão leader in the Alentejo Tour

Friday, July 15, 2022

The Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados Continental UCI Team completed today its
participation in the 2nd stage of the International Douro Grand Prix, a 125
kilometers starting and ending in Armamar. The whole trip was quite rough, where the
our team was defending the yellow jersey, in the end Bruno Silva was 6th in the stage
and now occupies the 3rd position in the General Classification.
Stage where the team was focused on defending the yellow jersey and took over the
expenditure of the peloton from kilometer 0. An escape of 17 elements ended up
gain some advantage, which was always controlled at a distance by our team, because
there was no element present that would endanger the yellow jersey of
Bruno Silva.
All the runners gave their best during the whole day, Nicolas Saenz, Francisco
Morais, João Matias and Ángel Sanchez worked hard to defend the jersey
yellow. On the final climb to Armamar, all very tough, it was Bruno Silva’s turn
responding to the attacks, defending herself quite well and in the end finishing 1m13s from
stage winner José Fernandes (W52/FC Porto). With this result, Bruno occupies
now 3rd place in the General Classification and is the leader of the Points Classification.
A very good day by the team that worked hard and now sees Bruno
Silva on the General Classification podium. Tomorrow will be the Individual Time Trial in
Resende, of 29.1 kilometers, which will be decisive for the classification


Stage Classification

Armamar – Armamar: 125 Kms

1st José Fernandes (W52/FC Porto), 3h07m34s

6th Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 1m13s

19th Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 2m28s

63rd João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 11m06s

71st Nicolas Saenz (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 13m51s

72 Francisco Morais (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt


General Classification

1st José Fernandes (W52/FC Porto), 6h25m59s

3rd Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 3h17m56s

14th Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 2m28s

36th João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 15m27s

59th Nicolas Saenz (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 27m31s

60 Francisco Morais (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt


Points Classification

1st Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 48 pts


Team Classification

1st W52/FC Porto, 19h20m55s

6th Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados, at 15m41s