TAVFER Measindot Mortágua

TAVFER Group joins a reference team in the national and international cycling panorama.

For Fernando Tavares Pereira, CEO of the TAVFER Group, “It is with great honor that we will sponsor the cycling team, Tavfer-Measindot-Mortágua, a team from the interior of our country, wishing that the future and the strength of those who are in charge of the destiny of this collective have the greatest sporting success, with the support of all sponsors.
In these difficult times, there are few of us all to support sports, in this case cycling, and thus be able to give sustainability to this sport that, as we all know, has had many difficulties.

In these difficult circumstances, we take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Pedro Silva and his entire team, for the effort and dedication they have given to this collective, and it has been a privilege for our GROUP to be associated, over this last decade, with the successes of this team, through our sponsorships.”