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Tavfer Group is a solid business operating in Portugal and worldwide.

With a pioneering activity in the metalworking sector, we are currently a benchmark in many different areas such as vehicle inspection, where we are national leaders, trade and services, our worldwide award-winning wines, and also Tourism, Real Estate, Agroforestry, and Industry and Energy.

Driven by the commitment and precision of our services and the quality of our products, the 12 companies in the Tavfer Group have been able to adapt to the needs of the market, thanks to a continuous focus on innovation, which has allowed us to make a strong and sustainable statement, and to gain the growing confidence of our national and international Customers. Acknowledged for our perseverance and resilience, our entrepreneurial spirit and our highly professional teams, and led by the founder of the Tavfer Group, Fernando Tavares Pereira, we are proud of our history in the country and in the world.


decade 70

Created in the 1970s by Fernando Tavares Pereira’s entrepreneurial vision and his pioneering activity in the metalworking sector, the Tavfer Group has kept asserting itself, modernizing and growing, successfully following a series of successive market changes and new consumer demands.

decade 90

In the 1990s, the FTP Group, as it was then known following the merger of Fernando Tavares Pereira’s pioneering companies, entered the vehicle inspection area and expanded its activity into areas as different as wine, tourism, real estate, health, agroforestry and agriculture (fruit, wine and olive oil), industry and energy, occupational safety and food hygiene, as well as surface treatment (zinc plating and lacquering).


In the international market, where it started operating in 2005, it has expanded its activity to the 3 continents where it operates, focusing on South America and Portuguese-speaking Africa, besides consolidating itself in the European market. In 2015, it unequivocally asserted its international presence by increasing its deployment in Argentina.


Nowadays, with about 2000 employees, its management undertakes a policy of social responsibility and respect for the environment, as well as a commitment to the quality of the service it provides in all business areas, to the qualification of its employees, to improve its processes and to consumer satisfaction.

The Tavfer Group is proud of its companies being a national and international benchmark, namely for the recognition of the quality of its services and products, as evidenced by the numerous awards already won by its wines.


Tavfer Group is already present on different continents.

The rigor, quality, and innovation, applied to all business areas, were differentiators in the arrival to international markets. Today, Tavfer International operates in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, with strong exports of its products and services:

Message from the CEO

‘We know that the sustainability of what drives us will only make sense if we are an active part of the lives of our customers and societies in general. Therefore, Tomorrow is a place where we want to be.’

The Tavfer Group was born out of an enormous will. A will, a commitment and the perseverance that are at the origin of its creation 41 years ago, and that are still alive today.

We invest in our industry. We trusted our resources. We believed in our country. And we grew with our customers. It was necessary to overcome many obstacles, overcome countless challenges, and adapt to the social, economic, financial, and political realities of the markets. We made mistakes and learned to be better. From metalworking, we grew to other activities. Today, present in different sectors, of which we highlight Vehicle Inspection, Trade, Services, Industry and Agriculture, we are thinking about tomorrow. That is why quality, precision and innovation always go hand in hand with our growth and with all the business areas where we are present.

Today we are more, we are bigger and we are part of the world. Tomorrow we want to be where the future decides is the best place for our customers to be at the forefront of the answers that markets require, in this globalization era.

We know that our success will only be possible with the success, satisfaction and trust of our customers. With a differentiating, effective and productive contribution to their activities. We know that the sustainability of what drives us will only make sense if we are an active part of the lives of our customers and societies in general. Therefore, Tomorrow is a place where we want to be.

In this context, investing in Training, Technology and Innovation, in the Quality and Precision of our offer, will continue to be determining factors for this Organization. Only this way will we achieve a future that is expected to be increasingly competitive and demanding.

Today we have 2000 employees. We have been present in different countries for more than 15 years. Our ambition is to contribute more and better to a society that may be wealthier, better educated, more autonomous and more confident. We want to expand our business, create new jobs, and thereby contribute to an economically more prosperous country. We always want today’s business to be sustainable, we want to achieve strategic leadership positions in the countries where we operate. We want to leave a legacy that will be perpetuated by future generations, so that the past and the present make sense.

A special thanks to all the employees of this large Tavfer family for their commitment and dedication. The passion with which they carry out their mission every day is also the reason and pride that drives us.

These are our challenges.

And for all this, For You, We Grow Together.

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