João Matias writes a page in history and takes his first victory in the Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados Tour

Saturday, August 5, 2022

The Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados Continental UCI Team completed today its participation in the 2nd Stage of the Tour of Portugal, a 183.5 kilometer link that started in Badajoz and ended in Castelo Branco. A dream stage for the whole team that managed to perfectly place João Matias, who sprinted to his first victory in the Tour of Portugal, also giving the team its first stage victory in the Tour of Portugal.

The stage started in Spain, Badajoz, and had a long crossing through the Alentejo ending in Castelo Branco in a finish that is already traditional in the Tour. The team for the first few kilometers all stayed in the main group, united around João Matias, he who was our fastest man aimed at the end today. The block entrance in the last three kilometers was fundamental and there was a great effort and unity from the whole team bringing the Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados train to the front of the peloton.

A very technical finish on the streets of Castelo Branco, where António Barbio entered the finish line with João Matias in 3rd position and in an excellent position to take the victory. João Matias in an absolutely bombastic start conquered the victory with authority and placed an important milestone in his career, but also in the history of Velo Clube do Centro that after 23 years of existence wins the biggest race in Portugal.

A day we will never forget and a victory that we dedicate to the mentor of this whole project, Pedro Silva, who fought hard and left us a work of great sacrifice. This was one of the great dreams that was yet to be fulfilled, and we were able to give him this victory that we all worked so hard for. The whole team is to be congratulated for another great moment in the lives of us all.

Naturally satisfied, Matias, who will soon be a father, said that “Today went perfectly! This victory was studied to the detail and fortunately it is ours! After yesterday I knew and was fully aware that today could be my day! I worked hard for this moment and I had my wife and my future son in my mind all day today and yesterday! I had marked this day as a goal and it’s accomplished! This victory belongs to the whole Tavfer – Mortágua- Ovos Matinados team that kept me sitting in the armchair all day! THANK YOU TEAM”.

The third stage, to be held this Sunday, is one of the decisive rounds of the competition. It will have 159 kilometers, starting from Sertã (12:50 pm) to reach the top of the Torre, Serra da Estrela (5:25 pm). The undulating course contains a second category, a third category and a fourth category climb before the climb from Covilhã to the highest point in mainland Portugal, a special category climb. At the end of this stage we will know better the real state of form and aspirations of the putative candidates for victory in the Tour.


Stage Classification

Badajoz – Castelo Branco: 183,5 Kms

1st João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 4h42m21s

8th António Barbio (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

15th Gonçalo Amado (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

24th Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

38 Gonçalo Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

50th Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), mt

100th Rui Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 1m49s


General Classification

1st Rafael Reis (Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor), 9h19m00s

22nd João Matias (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 22s

46th António Barbio (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 32s

49 Gonçalo Amado (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 34s

50 Gonçalo Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 35s

63rd Bruno Silva (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 38s

73rd Ángel Sanchez (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 43s

97th Rui Carvalho (Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados), 2m31s


Team Classification

1st Glassdrive/Q8/Anicolor, 27h57m26s

11th Tavfer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados, at 1m02